Monthly Favourites: April 2017

Well first off, I would like to give myself a big high five on finally launching my blog, as this will be my very first blog post! This post will be about products and clothing I have been continuously using and loving during the month of April. Happy Reading!

This month I have been concentrating less on makeup that covers up imperfections and more on creating a good (and new) skin care regimen that works in clearing up my skin. I have combination skin, and rarely have breakouts but recently I have been experiencing quite a lot of hormonal acne. I have finally finished off an old facial cleanser (that did not work), so I visited a friend over at Sephora to ask what her recommendations would be for a new cleanser.

After trying out First Aid Beauty’s Pure Skin Face Cleanser I was hooked! My acne initially worsened for about a week, but after that my skin cleared and has stayed clear. This product was very inexpensive and scent free (which is a big thing for me) and gentle on my skin. F.A.B. Face Cleanser

april faves 2017- face cleanser

The second skin care product I have been loving lately is Nivea’s Mattifying Day Cream. I bought this item on a whim, after reading online about face creams made with a gel that nourish your dry skin without any added grease. For decently priced face products, Nivea is my go to brand. If I decide I am liking the product I might switch to something a big pricier down the line to improve the quality of products being used on my face. So far, this is my starting point for a gel face cream. Nivea Day Cream

april faves 2017-nivea face cream

Moving away from skincare and on to dental hygiene. My oral care has always been very important to me and a few years ago I made the switch from traditional toothpastes to natural products. I went from baking soda and lemon juice (would not recommend this) to oil pulling. I decided that what worked best for me was somewhere in the middle of those two options. I stumbled across Earthpaste at my local natural food store. It is made with a  clay, and to be honest at first it tasted like dirt (you get used to the taste!). I began using this about two years ago, and have recently started using it again. I don’t know why I ever stopped!  Earthpaste

april fave 2017-earthpaste

Still staying within the “oral” category. GUM. I am such a gum addict. I always have at least two packs on me at all time. I can not stand tasting my food after I am finished eating and God forbid I walk around with bad breath! The new brand I have tried is Project 7. This brand makes products that give back to the community by choosing seven areas of need around the planet. These areas of need are: feeding the hungry, healthcare, supporting those who hope for peace, getting homeless off of the streets, providing water, education and saving the planet.

I was instantly intrigued when I saw the package of gum on the shelf because of the unique flavours but after researching the brand and becoming aware of the good that this brand does, I will be sticking with this brand of gum from now on. It’s the little things that we can do to help, right? Project 7 Gum

april faves-gum

Aromatherapy! Is there anything else I am more obsessed with right now? probably not…

Holistic aromatherapy is the use of natural aromatic plant extracts and essential oils to benefit a persons well being. I buy all of my essential oils from my local Saje store. They have a variety of oils that range from immune system support to an aphrodisiac. My most used oil in my nebulizer was Lavendar Duo. This just screams “spring scent” to me! This oil assists you as a sleep aid and will hydrate your skin (which is great after the long winter we just endured). Saje Lavendar Duo

april faves 2017-saje lavendar duo

On to clothing! The most worn item from my wardrobe this past month has been my jean jacket. I find this to be a staple while transitioning from winter to spring. My jean jacket is such a “go to” item to stay warm during the cold April showers, yet not too warm as the Canadian weather has been ever changing. It is quite stylish and goes with just about everything! This particular jean jacket is nice because it is not as stiff as others I have owned, there is enough give and stretch to stay comfortable all day long. Garage Jean Jacket

april faves- jean jacket

The last item on my list are these unbelievably cute ankle booties! Ankle boots in spring are a staple item for me. They cover enough to keep your feet warm, yet are not the full on winter boots that you have been forced to wear for the past five months. My current favourites are these brown boots with unique fringe and textures. Softmoc Ankle Booties

april faves-booties

I hope you all enjoyed and found inspiration in this April Favourites post!

Until next time,


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12 thoughts on “Monthly Favourites: April 2017

    1. Thank you so much, Alyssa! That means the world to me!! Also you are the very first person to comment on my blog/give me feedback, so thank you for that as well 😌 Let me know what you think of the products if you try them out

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      1. You’re so welcome !! I am honoured to be the first person ! Love the layout of the blog as well 🙂 I will for sure let you know when I get my hands on these products :)!


  1. Tanni! This is amazing, and so well written. It seems like you have been doing this for a very long time.

    These products look amazing, I definitely need to get me a pair of booties!

    I’m so excited to see what is to come with your blog.


  2. absolutely love this post and all of the others. They are so amazing. I love the Friday recipes. They sound so simple to make and look so delicious. hope you keep posting.

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