One Year Hair Transformation

What a crazy week this has been with the ever changing weather. Last week it snowed and this week it is thirty degrees and I’ve got a sunburn! I am currently sitting here writing this awaiting a thunderstorm. Alright, without further adieu, here is my one year hair transformation!

June 4th, 2016: On this day I headed to the hair salon and chopped off about four inches of hair and began the long process of growing out my natural colour to get long, strong and healthy hair. I asked my hairstylist for a bob hair cut that is a tad longer in the front than the back. I wanted subtle layers throughout and a to thin the ends so that the bob would not be as blunt when styled straight. Once cut and dyed, I went home to curl and style my hair rather than having it done in the salon (I trust barely anyone to style my hair the way I like it). This was the result. (Before and After)

hair before          hair brunette bob cut

September 17th, 2016: My hair has begun to grow out by this point. It is no longer considered a “bob”, but it is also not yet considered long. Every girl knows the struggle of that in-between stage your hair goes through and I was itching for a change. I really wanted to avoid cutting my hair short again as I wanted to grow it out, so what else was I left to do but go blonde, right?! I asked for a balayage colour with my grown out natural colour at the roots and a cool toned blonde at the ends going halfway up. I wanted to stay away from the brassy tones as much as I could because it was inevitable for my hair to fade to a gingery-blonde colour eventually. This is the colour I ended up with.

hair blonde curls          hair blonde straight

January 26th, 2017: The blonde has faded to a very unattractive orange colour and I am yet again itching for a change. It has now been six months since cutting my hair. I am slowly but surely making my way back to the long hair club. So to satisfy that itch for change and to avoid cutting my length off again, I took the plunge and got bangs! I showed my roommate a photo of a woman with bangs, asked her if she thought that haircut would look good on me and thirty minutes later my hair was cut!! I asked for bangs straight across with a bit of inconsistincy with the length so it would not look too blunt. I also asked that she would add slight layers to the hair at the sides of my face. I did not know what to expect as I never had bangs before, but I was pleasantly surprised. I loved them. The way they suited my face, how I felt like a new woman, and how I could now try out new hair-dos. The only downfall to this haircut was the amount of effort and styling that had to go into my hair EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. This is a lazy persons worst nightmare. So I was about ninety percent in love with the new do. PS: I also went back to my natural hair colour once again. This is how my hair turned out!

hair brunette day after cut          hair brunette bangs sunset.jpg

March 16th, 2017: As much as I love my bangs, I did not want them around for the summer (hot weather + sweaty hair = greasy bangs) so I did not go back for them to be trimmed. I have been growing them out since the cut in January. On March 16th, my bangs were officially too long to style down in front of my face so I have been styling them parted to the sides and pinned back, which did not look the best at the beginning so bare with me.

hair brunette curls          hair brunette pinned back

May 11th, 2017: On this day, I went to the salon to see if my hairdresser could do anything to help blend my grown out bangs in with the rest of my hair. I am honestly not even sure what she did, but four snips later my hair was completely changed! (I believe she used thinning scissors). And that brings us up to the current date. My hair is currently its natural colour, long, healthy and beautiful (in my opinion, ha ha). Throughout this year, my hair grown approximately six inches. So as long as I do not feel the urge to make a drastic change (no promises this will not happen) I will continue to grow out my natural colour and keep the length!

brunette today          brunette long hair waves

Update on the weather: the thunderstorm has come and gone in the span of ten minutes and is now back to being warm and lovely! That’s global warming for ya..

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Until next time,


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    1. Thank you!
      Honestly, I have pretty slow growing hair. This past year I was just very consistant with using high quality products and trying out a few “hair growth” tricks I researched online. I think my next post will be Tips & Tricks I used for hair growth.

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