What’s In My Bag: Everyday Purse

I have always been interested in what other women keep in their purse, items a woman deems as necessary to have everywhere she goes. Today I decided to give ya’ll an unexpurgated look into what I carry in my own everyday purse!

First off, this is the purse I use on a daily basis while running errands or just plain leaving the house. Boathouse Purse 


This first item may seem a bit unnecessary to keep in a purse, but I always carry a pouch inside of my purse to make things easier while transferring items from one purse to another. Aerie Pouch 

whats in my purse, purple bag

NECESSITIES: The items kept in this pouch are my necessities while leaving the house at any time. This includes: Burt’s Bees Hand Cream, Lady Speed Stick Deodorant, Advil, Anti-Nausea Pills, Toothpaste & Toothbrush, Toothpicks, Saje Virgin Lips Balm, Bandaids, Antibacterial Wipes, Benadryl and an Epi Pen.

whats in my purse necessities

BEAUTY: In the bottom of my purse I keep a comb for those darn fly-aways, reading glasses, sun glasses, my everyday lipstick (Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in the shade Audition) and Smashbox Insta-Matte Gel for over my lipstick. These items do not usually get used while out and about, but they are nice to have incase of beauty emergencies!

whats in my purse beauty

ELECTRONICS: These next three items are kept in the lower front compartment on the outer portion of my purse. The first item is a back up battery pack from ALDO. This is the best battery pack I have owned, as it does not heat up, it holds a long charge and it fits nicely behind my iPhone so I can continue to use my phone. The second electronic type item is a compact alerting device incase I am ever in a dangerous situation and can not yell for help. You just pull out a tab and begins making the most annoying, loud beeping noise to alert anyone around you. I am a very petite woman who is barely five feet tall so this makes me feel a little safer while walking alone. Third item is (of course!!) ear buds! They get their own photo as they were a bit of an afterthought since I was currently using them at the time these photos were taken.

whats in my purse electroniceheadphones

SNACKS: Snacks, Snacks, Snacks! My favourite part of the contents of my purse! I always have gum, tic tacs, ginger candies (for nausea) and a granola bar; which did not make into the pictures portion of this blog post because I had eaten it whilst unpacking my purse, haha!

whats in my purse snacks

PURSE ACCESSORIES: On the outside of my purse, I keep this purple faux-leather tassel to brighten up my bland brown purse a bit. Connected to the tassel are my house keys. 

whats in my purse keys

RANDOMS: Since I did not clean out my purse before writing this post, there a few extra items that have been collected over the past few weeks of so. Some I will be removing from my purse, and some I have decided will stay. These items are: a notebook and pen (great for writing blog ideas down on the go!), three loyalTEA cards, a free mcdonalds coffee card, my lock and key for the gym locker, a movie theatre ticket, an acupuncturists business card (I highly recommend going for Acupuncture!), a coupon, spare change…and a light bulb (don’t ask why).whats in my purse random

I hope you enjoyed the uncensored look into my every day purse! If you are interested in seeing more “Whats In My Bag” posts (possibly gym bag, travel bag, etc.) then comment below! Your feed back is always appreciated.

Until next time,


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7 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag: Everyday Purse

  1. I love the must haves you’ve got in your every day purse (I call mine the everything bag, haha)! I’m always amazed when I see women carrying tiny little purses with almost nothing inside. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who has bag full of necesities! I look forward to reading more and please check out some of my musings about women’s fitness, health and lifstyle at: tonyetariah-fitnessandhealth.com

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