A Week In My Closet!

MAY 22-28, 2017

I hope your weekend was everything you wished, whether that be relaxing, adventurous or productive!

Today, I am giving you all a glimps into my outfits from last week. From comfty to oversized sweaters to summer dresses, this past week has been quite unique. So let’s get started!


Since Monday was a holiday, the Fella and I spent the entire day laying in bed watching Netflix (I highly recommend “Suits”, you will not be disappointed!!). For this, my outfit needed to be extremely comfortable. I wore (the softest!) grey jumpsuit from Garage paired with a long beige knit cardigan from Bootlegger. 

On Tuesday, I spent the day running errands. I wanted to look cute yet practical and comfty. I chose black Lululemon leggings, a loose white tee from Garage and a floral komono to class up the outfit. Since I was running around all day, I wanted my shoes to be able to keep up with me so I chose black TOMS.


We are now halfway through the week and that calls for a cute outfit, of course! With the temperature being close to 30 degrees, I wanted to wear something light. I paired a white silk tank top from Aritzia with loose girlfriend jeans from Dynamite. I wore a light knit cardigan from H&M while leaving the house to cover up the fact that it was a no-bra kind of day (no bra = life). With this outfit I wore light green TOMS.


Thursday was a plain Jane kind of day. Black leggings from Aerie (extremely soft!) and an oversized beige knit sweater from American eagle. Since it was raining, I did not leave the house so shoes were not worn with this outfit. I had my hair styled back in a fishtail braid. Plain. And. Simple.


TGIF!!! Friday was freaking cold so I dressed in layers. I wore a white button up top from Bootlegger with a rust coloured knit sweater from American Eagle layered on top. I paired this with black skinny jeans from Old Navy and my hair was kept down and wavy due to yesterday’s braid. I wore black thigh high suede boots from Le Chateau.


Comfort is key for this Saturday outfit! I spent all of Saturday cleaning and organizing my closet to make room for my summer clothes coming out of storage. I really needed to be comfortable and able to change clothing easily so I wore a loose black tee from Garage with a pair of black and grey leggings from Titika.


Sunday had such lovely weather and was church day, so I wore a white mid-calf dress from Titika with a blue jean vest from Garage. Simple yet pretty.

I hope you enjoyed a look inside my outfits of the week!

Until next time,


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