Monthly Favourites: May 2017

Can you believe it is already June?! It feels just like yesterday that I was counting down to a new year and now it has already been six months (and none of my resolutions have been fulfilled, whoops!) Well here’s to better things happening in the next half of this year!

The blog is one month old today (YAY!) and is first on my list of favourites for May. “Eclectic Tanni” had been such a creative outlet, a way to battle boredom and a chore for me. I am loving the challenge and hope to have more blog posts published this next month.

The second thing on my list of favourites is a place (not a product), The Movënpick Café in Toronto! It has become my new favourite cafe with its adorable retro atmosphere, delicious tea and to-die-for sandwiches!! 

Sunscreen! That doesn’t seem like the most exciting product to be putting on my monthly favourites list, but I believe it is such an important product to use during the warm, sunny weather we have been blessed with lately. The sunscreen that I have been loving is Neutrogena Sunscreen with Helioplex.  This brand is amazing because it doesn’t have that regular sunscreen smell, it soaks in nicely and it has a rather high SPF (I use SPF 110 for my face and SPF 55 for my body).

The fourth item on the list is Starbucks Vanilla Sweetened Iced Coffee Keurig Pods. Quick and easy to use, and I get an amazing Starbucks coffee every time?! Yes please! You need to try these this summer!

The fifth and final item on this list is not a newly purchased item but I realized this month just how important it is to me when I ran out and it took me over a week to replace it. So give it up y’all for the ever so amazing Batiste Dry Shampoo for Brunettes!! This is the best dry shampoo I have used, and have gone through atleast five cans of it already this year (oily hair problems!) It blends in well with my dark hair, adds volume while ridding my hair of oil and it doesn’t smell like baby powder!

This month hasn’t been a big one for newly found favourites, but the ones on this list are definitely worth trying! Let me know what your favourites were this month, as I am always looking for new things to try. Have an amazing June!

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13 thoughts on “Monthly Favourites: May 2017

  1. That café looks so beautiful. I also enjoyed the Starbucks vanilla sweetened iced coffee. I couldn’t agree with you more about the sunscreen. I think it is very important now that the summer is approaching.


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