A Week In My Closet

MAY 29- JUNE 4, 2017

I spent this past week visiting my family in my hometown, and the weather was so lovely and warm! It really was the perfect week for wearing dresses.


Green top from Garage, skinny denim jeans also from Garage. Monday was a “get stuff done” kind of day, so a loose comfortable top was necessary!


On Tuesday I spent five hours travelling to my families home, so comfortable clothing was a must! I wore Lululemon leggings, a loose white tee from Garage and my favourite denim jacket from Garage. I paired this outfit with black TOMS and wore my hair up in a messy bun.

PS: check out how precious my little wolf is!


On Wednesday my older brother turned twenty-five!!! We had a nice family dinner at Mandarin. I wore a calf-length grey dress from Titika, paired with my Garage denim jacket and black TOMS. Side note: this dress stretched perfectly which made it easy to pig out at the all-you-can-eat buffet. (Look at how lovely my baby sisters are!)


Again with the denim jacket!! It really is my main article of clothing used during the warmer weather. I wore the denim jacket with a grey tshirt dress from Old Navy and a long necklace from American Eagle.

That’s my new little plant guy, Jared!


This outfit is basically the same as Thursdays, I have just switched out my grey tshirt dress for a black tshirt dress.

So that’s all folks, enjoy this upcoming week!

Let me know in the comment section below if you prefer seeing the outfits on me in everyday type photos or if you prefer last weeks “A Week In My Closet” post where I hung the articles of clothing on the back of a door. Any input is appreciated!

Until next time,


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