Hairstyles While Growing Out Bangs!

Hi all! I had my bangs cut at the end of January this year, and although I did love them, they were very high maintenance. I did not go back to get them trimmed or recut. I have been growing them out for the past four months and have had to come up with a few ways to style my hair during this lengthy process.

My main go-to style while growing out the fringe was up in a bun with a heck ton of hair spray to hold my bangs down against my scalp. Very simple, not the nicest looking, but it kept my hair out of my eyes and my sanity in check.

My second favourite hairstyle was to part my hair down the centre, twist the front pieces of hair away from my face and pin them back with bobby clips. I make sure to hide the bobby clips under other pieces of hair. I love this hairstyle because of how classic and elegant it makes me feel.

The third hairstyle is awesome if you aren’t afraid of looking like a twelve year old again. Two french braids! You get extra points if you don’t wear any makeup and smile real big and child like!!

I usually wear this next hairstyle the day after having my hair braided. All I do is take out my french braids, tease and mess up my hair until I have this messy look where my bangs blend in nicely with the rest of the wavy hair. I finish with mousse for curly hair.

This hairstyle can be a bit difficult for anyone who has a hard time braiding their own hair. You gather all of your hair at the back starting about halfway up your head. Fishtail braid your hair, leaving about one inch length of hair out at the end of the braid. Pull on the strands of hair going all the way up the braid to make the braid bigger. Pull out pieces (bangs included) around your face for a messier and more relaxed look.

The ever so easy top knot bun! To do this hairstyle, gather the top half of your hair, tease the hair to add texture and volume and twist it into a bun. Secure your bun with a hair tie and pull out some pieces around your face. I like to wear this hairstyle on day three or four post-wash because it still looks alright while rocking the oily hair.

PS: check out this darn bald spot!!! (Ahhhh!)

This last hairstyle is my go-to style the day I wash my hair. I curl my hair with a 1/2 inch curling wand, curling the hair away from my face. I then flip my head over to mess up the curls for a less structured look. Flip your head back over and let the hair fall wherever it pleases.

I hope this has helped all of you ladies who are struggling to grow out bangs. My hair is ALMOST long enough to comfortably tuck behind my ears. I will then have a whole other range of hairstyles I can pull off!

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