A Week In My Closet

This week was pretty rainy and gross. So my outfits were comfty and practical. Loose linen shorts, flowy tops and UMBERELLAS!

This was the hottest day of the week! I spent the day in the forest reading, planning blog posts, wildflower picking and just relaxing. Both my top and shorts are from Dynamite. My sandals are from Aldo, and have given me some wicked painful blisters at the beginning of the week but I think the worst is behind me now. I hate breaking in a new seasons shoes!


Comfty, cozy errand running outfit! Top AND jeans are both from Garage. My purse is from Boathouse and the sandals are a few years old and from American Eagle. They have really held up!


Today was a a fancy day down at the waterfront with my best friend. The top is from the brand One Clothing and the skirt is from Boathouse. How lovely does the lake look! I really am blessed to live in this city, it is the perfect compromise between city and country living.


Today was freezing!! And wet, and gross…it really was just a gross day. So I wore jeans and a black long sleeve top from Garage, a scarf that was thrifted, and a burgundy rainjacket from Bootlegger. The ankle booties I wore are from Aldo and are the comfiest heels I have ever owned! Also, I tied the ends of my scarf to add a bit of flare a rather boring outfit.


Fridays outfit was my favourite from this week. Very classy, comfty and breezy. It really was the perfect outfit. The skirt is new and from H&M, blouse is from Bootlegger and the sandals are from Aldo.

This week really displayed how ever changing our weather is. Global warming is real! So try to do your part in reducing waste, reusing product containers and recycling what you can no longer use.

Happy Sunday everyone, and Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful Daddies out there..especially my wonderful, caring and hardworking Daddy!

Until next time,


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