Monthly Favourites: July 2017

It is now August! As a Leo I anticipate this month all year long, and it has finally arrived!!

A lot has happened this past month, from getting a new job to choosing a new career path and deciding to go back to school for Hairstyling in September!! I am very excited to see what this next month has in store for me, but for now let’s talk about some things I had been loving in the month of July.

1. Lush Cosmetics Love Lettuce Face Mask has been a must have for me this past month. It has helped control excess oil my face has been producing due to the heat of the summer. It exfoliates your skin while ridding it of dirt, oil and debris (which is unfortunately a big thing while living in the city). I use this face mask once weekly (usually Monday) and it’s great on my sensitive skin and has not irritated my rosacea at all!

2. Aldo Loafers have been my newest (and comfiest) shoe purchase. I decided on these after searching online for a lengthy amount of time for new work shoes. They seem to be the perfect blend between professional and casual, and they are beyond comfortable! Also, they are currently 50% off which was a big selling point!

3.OPI ‘To Be Continued’ Nail Polish has been my go-to colour for summer. It looks amazing with my tan, goes on well and dries quickly. I have also been using and loving OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener to keep my nails from constantly breaking.

4. I discovered Tresemme Beauty-Full Volume Flexible Finish Hairspray while visiting my family a few weeks back. I had forgotten my hairspray at home so I used the hairspray on my sisters dresser (Sorry Allayne!). And let me tell you, this hairspray is AMAZING! It hold my hairstyle or curls for days, does not smell, is not sticky, etc. I could literally go on forever about this product. Trust me, and go buy it okay.

5. Lastly, I have been listening to Relaxing Sunday Morning Playlist by Alexarainbirdmusic on YouTube ON REPEAT every morning. She has put together an amazing playlist of relaxing, indie music. In the description of the video, she lists all of the artist/song names. So if you are looking for some new, unheard of tunes to listen to, I highly recommend this playlist.

That’s all folks! Enjoy the last month of summer vacay (for all you students) and everyone else enjoy the last of the warm weather before fall arrives.

Until next time,

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