Monthly Favourites: September 2017

The first month of school has come and gone and we are now into my favourite month of the year…Hello pumpkin spiced everything!!

This months favourites are mostly based around hair related products and school items since I am now one month into the Hairstyling program.

First up, Revlon Professional Super 10 Hair Mask. I purchased this product years ago and loved it! I then ran out of the product, threw out the container and forgot the brand. I have recently found the product once more and have once again fallen in love! I use the hair mask once every other week and it helps to repair all of the damage I have inflicted on my hair from heat during the past two weeks.

Next are these cute little hair Bobbles. They don’t leave a kink in your hair, don’t tug and keep a really good hold on your hair so the elastic does not slide down. I have recently replaced all of my hair elastics for these little fellas!

The past few months I have been trying to go back to my natural hair colour and to stop colouring my hair. But every six to eight weeks I have to tone my hair with a demi-permenant hair colour to refreshed and darken the colour. It keeps fading and I have finally found the cause…hard water from my shower! So my stylist recommended this Chi Ionic Color Illuminator Conditioner in dark chocolate colour. It enhanced and darkens my brown back to the original colour without having to colour my hair again.

Alright, enough with the hair related products! Now it’s on to the comfy Triad Orthotics I have purchased to make standing in class for hours a bit easier. The get glued right into your shoes and I have glued them into my black flats because they are the shoes I most commonly wear.

Last bit not least, I have been loving the Sore To The Core Ab Challenge by Alexa Jean Fitness. It gives you core workouts four days per week for four weeks. The results are amazing and the workout session only takes about twenty minutes.

That’s all for September! I hope you are all enjoying the fall colours and cozy knits!

Until next time,


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