Back To School Essentials

School has now been back in session for one month! I have begun a new program (Hairstyling) and will be extremely busy over the next four months. So in the past month I have compiled a list of essential items I have been using and loving to get me through school!

1. First up, is the item I am most excited about! For my twenty-third birthday I received a laptop bag that I had my eyes on for so long. It is from the brand Pixie Mood, and the bag is the Greta Work Tote in Taupe. This bag is made from vegan leather and cork and it AMAZING quality.

I love this bag for school (or work) because it has a padded compartment that fits my MacBook perfectly, my books and binders fit into the two internal compartments like a glove and it has an adjustable (and comfortable) shoulder strap which makes carrying all of my school supplies easier.

2. Highlighters! I go through highlighters as quick as I do a pack of chewing gum, and that’s saying a lot! The highlighters that I use are the Eco Pen-Style Highlighters from Staples. I was drawn to them because they are eco friendly and made from 78% recycled plastic bottles. I am trying to lesson my carbon footprint and negative impact to the environment by investing in more eco friendly products. Bonus: these highlighters come in six colours and do not bleed or smudge on paper.

3. My Day Planner is something I have already been using for one month before school began. I love how tiny and compact it is compared to other planners I have gone for in the past. I usually love all the bells and whistles that go along with a planner but this years theme is simplicity.

4. For the past five years I have bought an Student Price Card and it has saved me quite a bit of money. You can use the SPC at a variety of different stores. It cost about eleven dollars and has already saved me close to fifty dollars in the past month. Definitely a worth while investment!

5. For a lot of post-secondary student, carrying around some sort of kit for their program is a must. For the Hairstyling program, we have to carry around quite a bit, from scissors to blow dryers. Rather than carrying around a large backpack or gym bag, I invested in a luggage bag on wheels to save my bag. I love this Swiss Gear Luggage Bag on Wheels. I can fit my entire kit into the bag, it is on wheels which makes lugging it to and from school easier and it fits into a locker which is amazing. I highly reccomend a “wheely bag”!

6. Last on this list, which was a huge game changer for me was the Quizlet app for my IPhone. My current bus ride to the college takes about fifty minutes to one hour and rather than just sitting on the bus wasting time, I study my notes from my phone in flash card question format.

Just a little bonus for you all, here is baby Tanni from the first day of public school back in 2000 and here was my first day of school this past month! 17 year difference, same sass!

I hope this post helps any fellow student out! Good luck this semester, you got this!!

Until next time,


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