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I have been using Instagram for a couple of years now, and I have come a long way! From using my cruddy blackberry camera (just for the record, I loved that phone!) and taking photos in bad lighting to buying a professional Canon camera and styling photos.

One of my favourite parts of planning out my Instagram gallery is making the photos look cohesive with similar colours, tones and themes. I really do enjoy styling my photos differently for each season!


My winter Instagram feed is filled with light and cool photos with blue and white tones. I love using natural light and the snow incorporated into my photos.


The beginning of Spring is probably my least favourite time of year to photograph. Everything is dark and dreary with rain and clouds and icky mud and it is not a happy time here in Barrie until late spring when everything begins blooming. For this season the colours are darker and there is a lot of brown and dark green in the photos.


For the Summer time I love taking photos outdoors. I love all of the green and blue colours in my photos and the warmer tones to showcase the newly grown grass and plants everywhere.


This season is my most favourite season to photograph (and in general). The weather is a bit cooler so I can start wearing scarves again, the colours incorporated into my outfits and makeup get darker and sexier and pumpkin flavoured everything comes back!! During Autumn my Instagram feed is very warm and bright and happy. I love using the beautiful ever changing outdoors, autumn colours and my favourite fall outfits in my photos.

For the editing aspect to Instagram my favourite apps are Afterlight for brightening and adding warm tones to my photos and Facetune for editing out any imperfections in the photos such as things in the background and unwanted stray hairs.

I also use the app UNUM to paste my photos next to each other to ensure my Instagram has a cohesive look to it before posting.

I hope you all enjoyed these little tips and tricks to maintaining a seasonal Instagram feed. Comment below with your favourite apps!

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