Christmas Wish List 2017

Hey all! Christmas is now less than a month away, and with that comes the annual question from Mom and Dad: “What would you like for Christmas”. Growing up I had such a hard time answering this question because I wanted so much, and now that I am older my views on Christmas have changed a bit to the point where I have a really hard time during the holidays. The past couple of years I have dreaded this time of year. How can I make a list of things I want while so many people could only wish for things they need like shelter, food or necessary clothing?

So I started thinking about things that I need versus things that I may want. Then I thought about things that I want that could help me better myself as a person rather than just materialistic items. This is the list of things I have come up with.

First up, I would ask for a Costco membership card. I have wanted one for a while, but never have had the funds to buy one myself. This gift would help me save money on groceries in the long run.

Next thing on my list is a yoga block from Lululemon. I am asking for this so I could become more proficient in yoga to strengthen my bad wrist.

Third item on my list is a Crockpot. This gift will make meal planning much easier and save me tons of time that I could be spending on studying for my classes.

Fourth thing on my list is a Canon 55mm lease. This item will help me make my photographs for the blog a better quality. That may seem materialistic, but right now my blog is my getaway hobby. It helps me to destress.

Fifth item on the list of items that I would like to have is the Lululemon Define Jacket. This article of clothing is warm and the sleeves can roll over on your hands to keep them warm on a run. I am trying to get back into running and hopefully run in a half marathon in the new year.

The last item on my list is probably the one I would like to have the most. I have had my eye on these swivel thumb shears for a couple of months now. They are the perfect ergonomically correct shears for cutting hair and would help me out tremendously in my career as a hairstylist.

This might be a bit different when it comes to Christmas lists, but I have thought through these gifts for quite a long time, and they are all things that I would eventually buy myself. So I figured I may as well ask for them as gifts.

Comment below with great gift ideas!! I will be writing up a blog post in the next week with gift ideas for family members and loved ones. Stay tuned!!

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