Sunday Routine!

Sunday is always my day to get things done and to prepare for the upcoming week. It helps me to stay organized and saves me so much time through out the week. Continue reading for a look in to my Sunday To-Do List!

1. Toss expired food to make room for next weeks groceries

2. Grocery shopping and meal plan/food prep for the week

3. Clean out/tidy school bag and prepare Mondays homework

4. Wash, dry, AND put away laundry…procrastination gets you no where!!

5. Wash bedding and towels (every week)

6. Check weather forecast and pick outfits accordingly (PS: shout out to Goodnight Macaroon for their lovely handmade cardigans!!)

7. Refresh your nail polish, tidy your brows and do a deep exfoliation mask on your face (maintain good hygiene!)

8. Choose gym attire for the week, make exercise exciting!

9. Empty all garbage cans in home

10. Tidy home, deep clean bathrooms and dust

11. Organize, answer and delete emails

12. Set alarms and reminders for the entire week

13. Add 50 questions to a Quizlet to study from on your free time (students only)

14. Make your to-do list for the week and equally divide the tasks everyday to make things easier on yourself

15. Last but not least, pamper yourself! Take some time for yourself today. Whether that be reading your favourite book, taking a hot bath, meditating or doing a face mask.

Complete this list of things and you should be ready to slay this upcoming week like the lady boss I know you are!!

Until next time,


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