Christmas Gift Guide For Men!

On the fourth day of Blog-Mas Eclectic Tanni brought to yoooou… a gift guide for the hard-to-buy for men in your life!

We all have atleast one man in our lives, whether it be Dad, brothers or boyfriends, who “has everything”, “wants nothing” or simply replies with “I dunno” when asked what they would like for Christmas. But honestly, these guys are always my favourite people to buy for. Their expectations aren’t sky rocketed because they asked for a very specific thing and if you can’t get that thing their life is (insert mega girl voice) “totally over”. They would honestly be pleased with just about anything as long as it doesn’t involve them having to go to a shopping mall themselves. Soooo without further adieu, here are some gift ideas for men!!

1. Nike Roshe One Running Shoes These are the perfect gift for the guy on-the-go! Very comfortable and at a reasonable price too.

2. Men’s Ugg Slippers Who says Uggs are just for women?! The man in your life will definitely appreciate this gift of “walking on clouds” type slippers. Just make sure you get slippers with a back on them if your man scuffs his feet. You can me later on that one 😉

3. Lifeproof Phone Case Most men aren’t the most careful, gentle creatures so thy go with phone cases like Otterbox and Lifeproof. The only problem with that is they think they can do whatever they like with the phone once it’s in the case. So there will be dirt, scratched and dents in the case. Do him a favour and get him a new case for Christmas.

4. Cut Resistant Gloves for the man who is quite handy (pun intended). This will keep your mind at ease when he is out there with his sharp tools and butter fingers. Just be warned, you will probably have to watch them try to prove you wrong when you say the gloves are cut resistant. HIDE. ALL. OF. THE. KITCHEN. KNIVES.

5. Foldable Camping Chair is a great gift for when your drive your man crazy with your Greys Anatomy binge watching and he ends up needing a weekend fishing trip. This chair is comfortable, compact and has a built in cup holder.

6. Tie Travel Case for the travelling gentleman. He will appreciate how tidy his ties are when he arrives at that work conference…OR when he plans that fancy two week getaway to Paris with you 😉 Hey, you never know, it might happen!!

7. Beard Care Kit is such an amazing gift for the man in your life who either takes very good care of his facial hair or NEEDS to take more care of his facial hair. This would be a nice way of hinting that his scruff is rough.

8. Clothing Steamer is such an amazing gift for any man. No one wants to waste time ironing their clothing. So this gift takes the hassle out of the job. It is so easy to use and takes about half the time that it would to steam your clothing. Bonus: his boss will stop complaining about his wrinkles shirts ( that you told him to hang up a thousand and one times!).

9. Quadcopter Drone is for the man who still wants a toy or two under the tree to play with. They never really get too old 😉

10. Socks When in doubt, buy him socks. He is forever in need of socks, but never buys them for himself. It’s the perfect gift. Any thing that he doesn’t have to go out and buy himself is the perfect gift.

I hope this gift guide helps you all out! Comment below with more gift ideas for men, and stay tuned for the Women’s Gift Guide!

Until next time,



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