Christmas Gift Ideas On A Budget

The holidays can be quite difficult for a lot of people, especially financially. While growing up, my families tradition was to pile 8 people in a van and drive down to the local dollar store and one by one take out turns picking out gifts for everyone that were $10 or less. Honestly, that is one of my favourite memories and it barely cost a thing. We always got each other amazing gifts without breaking the bank. So to keep up with traditions, here are some affordable Christmas gift ideas!

1. Sephora Avocado Hand Mask for $8. This would be an amazing gift for anyone dealing with dry skin this winter! And it smells AMAZING.

2. RW&Co Super Soft Socks for $5.40. I personally own this exact pair of socks and they are the softest socks I have ever owned. Bonus: they don’t make your feet stink after being in boots all day.

3. Walmart Hi-Techpoint V5 Pens for $5.77 are such a great for any student or person working in an office. The pens write so smoothly and the ink doesn’t run.

4. Yves Rocher Nourishing Lip Balm for $4 is an amazing stocking stuffer idea. Who isn’t in need of more lip balm?

5. Bizou Hair Bobbles for $7.94 and the pack comes with four of them. These new hair elastic substitutes are amazing and hold your pony all day without having to be redone or tightened. Plus they are too darn cute!

6. Multipack of Gum for $2.73 at Walmart. This gift is something I personally receive just about every year from my Mother. The multipack comes with three packages of gum so that lasts me quite a while.

7. Forever 21 Reusable Tote for $6.90. These totes are great for packed lunches, carrying books to school and grocery shopping. Very versatile, very useful and very inexpensive.

8. Scotch Lint Rollers for $6.97 from Walmart and a lifesaver. I always keep a one in my purse incase of hairy emergencies.

9. Wet Brush for $9.99 is such an amazing gift. This brush works wonders on wet hair and removes tangles like a charm.

10. Magnet Set for $5 from Chapters would be an awesome way to spruce up someone’s fridge. More magnets for your Mother to hang all of your straight A tests and assignments.

That’s all folks. Ten gifts all under ten dollars. Happy shopping!

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