Winter Skincare Routine!

The winter has been giving my skin a run for its money the last couple of years. My skin doesn’t seem to bounce back as well as it did in my teenage years, my lips always seem to be dehydrated and my hair filled with static. So far I have mastered skin care for dry skin, but am still working on hair and lips (suggestions welcome!).

This post is all about my skin care routine during the cold winter months. Enjoy!

After removing my makeup, I start by rinsing my face with warm water (not hot). I notice that in the winter my skin doesn’t react very well to the heat, it just seems to further dry out my skin.

I then use my Clarisonic Mia with the Sonic Radiance Brush Head for a gentle cleanse and exfoliating effect. The cleanser I use with my Clarisonic is the First Aid Beauty Cleanser as it is gentle on sensitive skin and doesn’t cause my rosacea to flare up.

After 60 seconds I rinse my face one again with warm water and pat dry.

Next, I take a cotton pad and gently wipe Yves Rocher’s Soothing Micellar Water all over my face as a toner.

Next up is a thin layer of Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream around my eyes and a thin layer of Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Fave Cream onto the remaining portion of my skin.

The face creams and the Clarisonic are what makes the most difference in my skin during the winter weather. Here is a before and after of what my skin looked like this time last year compared to now. (Please no negative comments, it has taken me a while to share this photo).

The texture, elasticity and overall appearance has improved so drastically! I am very pleased with how my skin currently looks, and I credit it all to my new skin care routine and the products that I used.

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