Maintaining Healthy Hair!

I have done a lot to my hair over this past couple of years. My hair colour changes as quick as my mood, which is quite often haha! I use a ton of heat on my hair as I style it almost everyday and I REALLY enjoy my scalding hot showers… yet somehow I have maintained decently healthy hair through out this whole process.

One month ago I made a very drastic change and went from dark brown hair to a dark blond balayage. It did quite the number on my hair. When wet my hair felt like wet cotton and when dry it was EXTREMELY dry and brittle. Throughout December/January I have put in place a few practices to help repair my hair, and voila, one month later my hair feels and looks pretty darn good. Here are a few things you can do to help repair or maintain your hairs health!

1. Stop using heat! This is a big one, and will never 100% be possibly for me as I love styling my hair and need to keep up an appearance as a (future) Hairstyling… but I have cut down on using heat quite a bit lately. If you can’t cut down on heat (or don’t want to like me) consider investing in quality hot tools. My favourites at the moment are my Chi blow dryer and my new T3micro curling wand set.

2. Only wash your hair when necessary! I get that showering may be your way to wake up in the morning, but washing your hair too often can rid your hair of natural oils that keep it healthy. With washing your hair comes pulling out the blow dryer and styling it, so the less often you can do this the better. If you must wash your hair, ensure you are using quality products that are surface free and considering buying a towel specifically meant to be used on hair. PS: dry shampoo is an oily haired girls best friend 😉

3. As I said above, high quality products are key! This tip is pretty self explanatory. The better your products, the better your hair. I have been using the same shampoo and conditioner for around two years and I will never use another shampoo again! The brand is Pureology and I am using the Hydrate collection. I also completely credit my hairs health to a blow dry spray by Colour WOW.

4. Use a deep conditioner hair mask biweekly! The hair mask I am currently using is L’Oréal Biotin Mask and it makes my hair feel so hydrated and smooth.

5. Wear your hair up more! Get creative with your updos. This will help to cut down on the amount of hot tools needed to style your hair and makes hiding oily/dirty hair a lot easier!

What are your hair health tips?! Let me know in the comments below.

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