Monthly Favourites: January 2018

How are we already one month into a new year?! I am nearing the end of my second week of second semester at school, and there are only 50 days left of winter..what!!! Before I know it I will be making (and breaking) New Years resolutions for 2019 😉 haha.

With the end of a month comes my list of monthly favourites. For those of you who are new to the blog, every month I share a list of my favourite products, books, clothing, etc. for the previous month. Enjoy!

1. Nulla Zero Gravity Case. This phone case is hands down the best case I have owned. I have absolutely no idea how it works, but it is a hands free phone case. You simply press your phone against a mirror or glass and it sticks!! This comes in handy when I want to watch Netflix while getting ready in front of the mirror in the morning.

2. Saje House Warming Oil has been my go-to essential oil to diffuse this month. It is the perfect warm scent for those cold winter days. It contains citrus, cedar wood and vanilla.

3. Floral S’well Water Bottle. This is my second S’well water bottle and I am obsessed! The floral print is to die for and on sale at most Starbucks right now. I use one of my S’well water bottles every single day. It keeps your water cold all day and mine has never leaked, bonus!

4. Bio Oil. I decided to give this product a try in the new year to hopefully fade my stretch marks by the summer time. I am one month into using it, and I swear I am noticing a difference already. My stretch marks are not longer purple, they have fades to a white colour. I have also started using it on a bad burn I got a few weeks back. I’ll keep you posted on how well it works in a couple more weeks.

5. Back Pocket Pasta Cook Book. I haven’t been much of a cook book person before this. Like most people I skim through the pages, promise to make multiple recipes and then never get around to it. This time around I have started to read this cookbook like a novel, from cover to cover. I have learned so much from this book so far and have made some pretty amazing pastas thanks to this book!

What were your favourite items that helped you conquer the first month of 2018?!

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