Monthly Favourites: February 2018

February is now finished and we are making our way into Spring. We have made it through another cold Canadian winter, woo hoo!

With the cold of winter comes dry skin, static filled hair and chapped lips. So today I will be sharing some of the products that have helped me through this last month of winter.

1. Vaseline Lip Therapy comes with a lovely cocoa butter and vanilla scent and gives lips a natural glossy shine. This lip balm helps heal my lips after being out in the cold…and wearing lipstick all day. My new lip lifesaver!!

2. O•P•I Nail Envy has kept my nails from breaking the past month after having a horrible nail service done. My nails without this polish are bendy, peeling and breaking off. With this polish, they are stronger than ever!

3. Moroccanoil Oily Hair Treatment has literally saved my life. My hair is extremely oily, to the point where I wash it the night before (at 10pm) and am in need of dry shampoo by morning! This product makes so I can go atleast every other day without needing dry shampoo, and for me that is a miracle! This is the holy grail of products for us oily hair gals.

4. Avon Moisture Therapy Hand Cream is my go-to little hand cream to keep in my purse. With having to wash my hands multiple times per day (Hairstyling Student problems) to the cold ruining my hands…this product is pretty amazing.

5. Colour WOW Kale Cocktail is clinically proven to double the strength of your hair. I have been a big fan of Colour WOW products got a couple of months now and just recently began using Kale Cocktail and will never go back to not using it!

Okay y’all, try out these products. Thank me later!

Until next time,


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