Spring Fashion Wishlist

Spring is here and it’s finally starting to act like it. I have officially packed away my coat and boots for the season. Which means HELLO SPRING CLOTHING!

I did a bit of shopping for the new season which I will share in another post, but the items below are unfortunately things that didn’t make it past my shopping cart.

First up is this gorgeous dress from the brand “Hutch”. I would pair this dress with pearl earrings and white kitten heels.

Hutch Rebel Soul Dress

I absolutely love this dress from Free People, but I already own two dresses that are very similar so it didn’t quite make the cut.

Free People Carolina Dress

This tunic dress from Free People is amazing and would be the perfect beach coverup…except I rarely go to the beach so it also did not make the cut.

Free People Bailey Tunic

Are we noticing a trend here?! What can I say, I REALLY love Free People dresses…

I didn’t get this dress due to the price…but I do love it.

Free People Secret Attic Slip Dress

This tulle skirt is EVERYTHING! It is perfection in every way…except the price. Maybe next year..

Anthropologie Textured Tulle Skirt

If my wardrobe didn’t already consist of only peasant tops I would have purchased this. I need to invest in more form fitting tops.

Anthropologie Unica Peasant Top

I love this bag, but am currently searching for a more inexpensive choice. If you know of any cheaper bags in this style, let me know!

Shopbop Small Round Handle Bag

I have already bought a jumpsuit from Old Navy this season, so this one didn’t quite make the checkout. I would highly recommend it though. The price is great and the material is beyond comfy.

The Gap Jumpsuit In Olive

I was on the fence with this jumpsuit for a week and couldn’t decide whether I liked it or not…so it shall remain on this list for someone else to see and fall in love with.

Forever21 Plaid Jumpsuit Set

These shoes are lovely. The end. (And on sale, just saying).

Steve Madden Heels

I saw these adorable rain boots on Jillian Harris’ Instagram and it was love at first site. The reason I didn’t purchase these boots is because I already have a pair of rain boots and could not justify getting another pair.

ModCloth Yellow Rain Boots

PLEASE someone buy this rain coat. I love the style so much, I was just not fond of the colour. So please, someone who looks good in this shade of blue BUY THIS RAIN COAT.

ModCloth Raincoat

We have arrived at the end of my wish list. I hope you enjoyed this little tour through spring style choices.

Until next time,



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