June 2018 Intentions

We are now half way through this year. Have you kept on track with your New Years resolutions? If not, don’t fret. I didn’t either. I wanted to get great grades, get a six pack and grow out my hair.

I did make deans list two semesters in a row and I am now 11 weeks out from graduating. So I guess I could say that resolution was a success. As for the other two… well I just started working out a few weeks ago after a nasty knee injury a few months ago and I chopped off all of my hair. So those two resolutions were a fail…

Since it’s halfway through the year and since I failed so epically with my New Years resolutions, I have decided to begin setting “monthly intentions” for myself. These will be short term goals for myself. I do not know why I have never tried this before. It seems a lot easier to make goals for four weeks rather than fifty two weeks at a time. So here goes: my very first monthly intentions!

1. Complete 4 Weeks of BBG BEGINNER

This goal for myself is definitely achievable. I just need to get over that hump of “getting started”. I am now one week into the BBG workout program and two weeks into working out and feeling good. I will be posting my weekly progress photos to Instagram @eclectic.tanni

2. Cut Pasta Out Of Diet for One Month

This goal has been quit difficult. Pasta is my FAVOURITE food and I eat it for atleast one of my meals everyday. This was a bad habit to get into and I am hoping that with going one month without it will help lessen the cravings and I won’t want to eat it as often. I am now eight days into this “diet” and have lost three pounds. My face is looking less puffy and my skin is glowing.

3. Stick To Blogging Schedule

From now on I will be posting on both Monday and Friday every week. I do not have a set time during those days that I will post, but I will try my hardest to get two posts written and published on those days.

4. Spend More Time Outdoors

This is a big goal for me at the moment. I have been spending all of my time cooped up inside either at school or in my bedroom. I really do want to enjoy this summer and the beautiful weather.

5. Get A New Job

Since I am now 11 weeks away from graduating I would really love to get my foot in the door now with a hair salon. The sooner I start my apprenticeship the better. I really do love the hairstyling industry and I want to learn as much as I can now.

I highly recommend giving this a try if you aren’t great at sticking with your r solutions (like me). Set monthly international and see where it takes you.

Until next time,



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