Blending Hair Extensions In Short Hair

I recently cut off about eight inches of hair and it is now cut and styled into an adorable, sassy bob. I am slowly trying to grow my balayage out and I would say it still looks pretty darn good for being coloured over six months ago.

As much as I am loving the colour and my new cut, once in a while I feel the need to have long hair. And instead of whining about my hair not growing back fast enough, I just throw in some clip-in extensions and head out the door!

Here are some tips on how I blend my 20 inch extensions with my short hair seamlessly.

First off, I start by slightly curling my real hair and extensions separately. I alternate curling the hair towards and away from my face to add a bit of a “loose waves” effect.

I then section off the bottom inch of my hair and clip that out of the way. I do this so that none of my very short hair will not be peaking through at my nape area.

I continue to section out one inch sections of hair. I always slightly tease the root to give the extensions something to grab on to so they aren’t slipping throughout my day.

The last steps in this process are to slip in single weft extensions close to your face at the front of your scalp to help blend the extensions in more flawlessly.

If there are any pieces that just done match, take your curling wand to the section of hair again while incorporating your real hair to create one seamless curl.

The front

The front of your hair may look a tad bulky with your hair this short. If that is the case, pin half of your hair up and half down with a clip. This takes the heaviness away from your face and it masks any extensions peaking through at the back of your head.

Here are a few “outtakes” since we had a lot of fun with this shoot. An extra thank you to my lovely partner in crime for taking photos for me at 10pm!!

I hope this post helped all of you short haired ladies who want to have those big gorgeous long locks for a day!

Until next time,



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