Favourite LUSH Products

If you haven’t already heard of Lush, it is an entire store dedicated to handmade cosmetics. They sell everything from soap bars to lip scrubs and today I am sharing my three favourite Lush products.

1. Parsley Porridge Soap is my favourite daily soap to keep my body clean and clear. During the summer I take extra care of the skin on my back to keep it “calm, clear and blemish free” as it states on the Lush website. This soap is made with tea tree oil, parsley, ground porridge and aloe vera gel.

2. Ocean Salt Scrub is amazing at keeping your skin fresh while exfoliating away any dead skin cells. This is one of my favourite products as it works so well at keeping my skin soft. Just be cautious if you decide to use this product on your face as it can be quite abrasive.

3. Bubblegum Lip Scrub is one product I use every single day. I lightly scrub my lips every morning with this (sickeningly) sweet scrub before applying my lipstick. If you can get over the sweet bubblegum taste this product is amazing. You can also choose from one of the other flavours: mint, honey, or chocolate. I just find that the taste of the lip scrubs are quite strong and overpowering when I use it so early in the morning. Don’t get me wrong though, this lip scrub works wonders.

There ya have it, a short and sweet overview of my favourite Lush products that I highly recommend everyone tries.

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