Life Update: August 2018

Hey all, its been a while!! I took a very unexpected break the past month due to falling very ill.

Okay so where do I start… one month ago I got a shooting pain in my chest and passed out. I went to the hospital by ambulance to find nothing abnormal other than the possibility of my arrhythmia acting up due to “stress”. Even though they did not find anything wrong, I felt so exhausted and drained so I took the Friday off of school and laid in bed all the day.

The next morning I awoke with a bit of a stomach ache, which was common as I am normally quite nauseous in the morning before I eat breakfast. So I thought nothing of it. I went on my merry way to the farmers market to pick up some sunflowers to brighten my mood, and got halfway to the market when I started to get pretty bad stomach pains. I made it all the way to the farmers market only to call a cab and head home again. As soon as I arrived home the pain was so bad that I was (TMI) sick as soon as I got out of the cab.

So of course, I called my Mother and explained what was going on and she suggested I lay in bed for a bit. Within five minutes of that phone call the pain got excruciating and I could barely breath through it. I was sweating, shaking and yelling in pain. I couldn’t even call the ambulance myself.

The ambulance arrive and the next week was a bit of a blur. I went from hospital to hospital and they found nothing wrong. Over fifteen needles, three hospitals, minus twenty pounds and a dozen tests later they came to the conclusion that I had Gastritis.

Now weeks later, I still don’t feel like myself. I have off days where I am really uncomfortable and completely drained that I can’t even make it out of bed. BUT, for the most past the pain is gone and I am so thankful for that. I have had some pretty painful experiences in my life due to sports and being a mega clutz…but never anything like that. I am very grateful to be recovering and on the other side of this unfortunate experience.

Although I had been so sick, I was able to recover for a few days lakeside with my family. I spent half the time feeling extremely crappy and hiding how bad I felt, but it was nice to spend a few uninterrupted and peaceful days with them.

So that is the crappy news that had been going on in my life. Now for some good news!!

I am 2.5 weeks out from graduating WITH HONOURS from a Hairstyling program. After 5 years (on and off) of schooling I have finally found my passion and will begin working full time at a salon near my home come September! I am very excited for my career to officially begin and to be able to do something I truly love for a living.

More good news, as of Tuesday morning I have a precious new God Daughter. She has the most adorable little nose and is a spitting image of her adorable big bro. With school being complete in a few weeks I am looking forward to seeing those two little loves more often.

Regardless of how this month began, I feel so blessed at the moment. It really put things into perspective on how good I really have things. Yes, I was very ill and am still recovering…I do not have a chronic disease and this will soon be over. So I have my health, an amazing support system, my education and a happy mind. I truly am blessed.

Until next time,



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