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I recently treated myself to eyelash extensions for the first time and I AM HOOKED. I will continue to get them refilled every two to three weeks. For those interested in eyelash extensions, lemme break it down for ya!

First off, why would anyone get eyelash extensions?!

1. Relaxing experience. Like any other spa service (minus waxing, haha!) An eyelash extensions appointment is a very relaxing service. They hold your bottom lashes down with a hydrating collagen under eye mask while you lay there with your eyes closed, listening to the calming music. Ps: it isn’t an uncomfortable experience at all. Very soothing and relaxing!

2. Eye protection. The purpose of eyelashes is to protect your eyes from dirt, dust and the sun. Adding eyelash extensions only helps keep those things out of your eyes… just ensure you keep your eyelash extensions clean with an oil free cleanser.

3. Improves your beauty routine. This is the main reason I got eyelash extensions. I wanted to be able to wake up in the morning, was my face and walk out the door while still feeling glammed up. My eyes look brighter and awake every morning and I don’t even need to add mascara or curl my lashes. I simply cleanse my eyelashes with an oil free cleaner and add a sealant to my eyelashes with a mascara brush and I’m good to go!

Now for a little eyelash education! Did you know your hair goes through three phases?

Anagen: this is the first phase of hair and eyelashes known as the “growth phase”. Catagen: this is a short transitional phase where your eyelashes will stop growing. Telogen: is a resting phase where your eyelashes will begin to fall out.

This is why you need to have eyelash refill appointments every two to three weeks. Your lashes will fall out naturally when your real lashes reach the telogen phase of hair growth.

This is what my eyelash extensions looked like after two and a half weeks (right before my lash refill appointment).

Now on to the cons of eyelash extensions:

1. Not Permanent.

You do need to go back to get your lashes refilled every two to three weeks.

2. Expensive.

Compared to the $15 mascara I have been using for years, eyelash extensions are quite expensive. I spent $75 for my first appointment and $45 for a refill every two weeks. For myself, paying this amount of money is worth if because am not spending the half hour every day I would be spending on my makeup routine. Now my beauty routine consists of putting on some BB cream and walking out the door.

3. Irritation.

From my experience, eyelash extensions are amazing and I will always get them. But I have talked to some of my girlfriends who have had different experiences, from not getting the look they were hoping for to having some eye irritation. Just be sure you research your salon and find the perfect fit for you.

For myself, the pros DEFINITELY outweigh the cons when it comes to eyelash extensions. They are lovely, enhance natural beauty and make my beauty routine much easier. I highly recommend!!

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