Christmas Wishlist 2018

On the first day of Blogmas, my true love gave to me…. wait. No. Scratch that. On the first day of Blogmas, I give to YOU my Christmas wishlist for 2018!

For the next 24 days leading up to Christmas I will be doing Blogmas. This means I will be publishing a blog post for all of those 24 days. Now I did try this last year and failed half way through. But with another year of blogging comes experience. This year I have pre-written and scheduled these posts and you can expect them every day at 5pm. If you would like to follow along please subscribe to my blog and you will get these posts emailed to you every day for the next 24 days!

Now for the reason you are really here. My Christmas wish-list for this year! Just a little disclaimer, as much as I would love to have everything on this list, I do NOT expect to receive everything. And if I were to receive nothing from this list I would also be okay with that. Christmas is a time to be with family and to enjoy the holidays. Christmas gifts are just a bonus. This is just my dream wish list of items I have had my eye on this past year.

1. Pioneer Woman Vintage Floral Crock Pot. I would keep this crock pot on display year round as it’s just as beautiful as it is functional. This retails for $40.00 and you can pick it up at Walmart.

2. T3 Micro Hans Held Shower Head. This shower head is said to be a game changer for your hair! I have been on the fence about buying this shower head for over a year, but I am so impressed by the other T3 Micro products that I have purchased that this is the number one item on my Christmas wish list this year.

3. Saje Aroma Breeze Ultra Matte Merlot Diffuser. This diffuser comes in the most beautiful burgundy colour and it is my favourite diffuser from Saje to date. I have felt bad about purchasing this item myself since I already own three diffusers from Saje, but it would be the perfect gift to receive this Christmas.

3. Saje Goddess Shaving Foam. This is the second item from Saje that made it on to my Christmas wishlist. This product retails for $19.95 at Saje and would make the perfect stocking stuffer! This product also comes in the scent “peaceful warrior” which is a more masculine scent and would be perfect for the man in your life!

4. ModCloth Secret Ingredient Wooden Spoon. I have had my eyes on this adorable wooden spoon for ages and I keep meaning to purchase it for myself (or anyone, because HELLO it’s adorable!). So it has made its way on to this years Christmas wishlist!

5. Chapters Indigo Faux Fur Throw. I purchased a throw from Chapters Indigo this time last years and instantly because addicted. I sleep with the throw every night, and I would love to have a spare as I can’t sleep without it anymore! I’m like a kid with her blankey. Embarrassing? Yes! Do I care? Absolutely not. As long as I fall asleep warm and cozy every night I am alright with being a “blankey” kind of gal.

I’m curious to know what is on everyone else’s Christmas wish list this year. Comment down below or head over to my Instagram @eclectic.tanni to give me a little peak at your Christmas list!

Until next time,


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