Natural Pain Relief

One month ago today I underwent surgery to remove a lump from my wrist (non-cancerous). The recovery was a lot more difficult and trying than I had originally expected. It took me two weeks just to feel all five of my fingers again and now one month later I am beginning physiotherapy and trying to regain full range of motion. Every three hours, I take my hand out of the brace to move and stretch my wrist. And lemme tell you, this is not the most comfortable thing!!

Pain isn’t something that is new to me. Over the years I have had a lot of injuries since I am a very active person and was always involved with sports. Due to genetics and sports related injuries, I now have osteoarthritis in my knees, right wrist and thumbs. This used to be a big deal in my life as it would limit what I could do and how active I could be. I began looking into natural remedies for pain relief.

In 2016 I discovered a company called Saje. This company is focused on using essential oils in every day life. The first product I bought from them was the Aroma Om Diffuser and since that purchase I am HOOKED.

Since 2016 I have purchased nearly the entire collection of essential oils, four diffusers and many other products. Recently Saje reached out to me and offered to send a little care package to help with my wrist surgery recovery. This is one of the most thoughtful things anyone has done for me and I am so grateful!

Saje has sent me the Pain Release Remedy Kit which has been a life saver during my surgery recovery. Included in this kit you will receive Analgesic Bath Salt Soak which contains Lavender, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Camomile and Epsom Salts. All of these ingredients help to muscle aches. The other products included in this kit are Pain Release Analgesic Mist, Pain Release Analgesic Massage Oil and Pain Release Analgesic Remedy that comes in the form of a roller ball.

Two weeks after surgery I was completely off the pain killers and was only using Saje products for pain relief. I have been using both the massage oil and the essential oil roller ball multiple times per day, EVERYDAY. Within ten minutes of applying the product, my pain and discomfort is either completely gone or almost gone, depending on how sore my wrist is that day.

The two other products I have been using during my recovery have been Dove baby lotion for sensitive skin to keep my skin hydrated under the wrist brace and Palmer’s skin therapy oil to help fade my surgery scar. Between the Eucalyptus scent from the Saje products and the Cocoa Butter scent from Palmers oil, I smell DELICIOUS.

As my wrist continues to heal I will be using the pain release products to help diminish any discomfort I have, and will continue to use Saje products in day to day life as I feel it helps me to live a better and healthier life in the most natural of ways.

Thank you again to Saje for sending the care package as it been so very helpful!

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