Empty House Tour: Before Photos!

I have been pondering for quite some time on the direction I would like to take this blog. Is this just a hobby for my own enjoyment or do I want to take it more seriously and commit to posting on certain days and throwing myself completely into it?! I haven’t quite figured it all out yet (and I will try to post as much as I can), but the one thing I know is I really do enjoy writing and photographing my life and experiences.

One thing that has changed in my life recently has been moving into a new home! I have never owned my own home (YET!!), but this is the first house I have lived in without roommates…unless you count the kitten as she seems to run the place. (Ps: have I introduced Eleanor yet?!)

So now living in a space where there isn’t a worry about roommates and have complete creative control over the place (thank you landlord!), I have tried to make the house feel like a home.

With that being said, I would love to begin sharing the ups and downs and the creative process of fixing up and decorating our home. So what better place to start then an empty house tour!

A little background on this house: this 120-ish year old house was the original Chula Vista Estate in Barrie. It has one acre of land (which is unheard of in the city) and is the most beautiful brick home with SO MUCH CHARACTER.

Warning: the place was pretty gross when we moved in so the before photos won’t be the prettiest. But I have dreamed of living in this house since I moved to Barrie in 2012, so I was so excited when I had the opportunity to rent it! A couple days of cleaning, patching walls and painting and voila, a lovely welcoming home!


Lets start in the front entryway. It was a dull and dirty off white colour which was drab and blah and was anything but welcoming. (BUT just look at the beautiful original wooden door and the old radiator!) You REALLY have to have vision to rent a home like this and I could not wait to spruce up this area.


The master bedroom is a decent size and is very long. It accommodates a queen bed with ample space on both sides of the bed to move around. There is one decent sized closet in the room, but I had bigger and better plans for my closet which is in the bedroom directly beside the master.


This bedroom is my favourite space in the house because it’s MY area. My closet, desk and work area are all in here and I get ready every morning in this room. This is also the room I have done the most work to thus far!

(The photo of the closet isn’t a complete “before” photo. I just don’t have one of the closet before I put up the shelves up and placed bins inside)


I absolutely love this room! There are three large windows so you never have to worry about natural light and the paneling on the ceiling is what first made me fall in love with this house.


This kitchen is a galley kitchen and is so tiny since I am the only person doing the cooking it is the perfect size…it just needed a REALLY good clean! Surprisingly, this is one of my favourite parts of the home now…just wait until you see the after photos!


Ignore the ugly flooring and the disguising fish tank that the previous tenant had left behind. I was so excited to finally have TWO sinks!!! And who else can say their bathroom is bigger than their kitchen haha!!


This second floor area is more of a bonus room, which hasn’t been utilized a lot yet to be honest. There are two very large and heavy desks up there that need to go, but are so darn difficult to get rid of. As soon as they go, I would love to put a spare bed up there for guests and have a little workout area.

The desks aren’t pictured here as this is the photo that was taken by the landlord. Also, the loft is double the size than is shown here…there is a whole other side to it!

These are probably the grossest and non-highlight-reel photos I could share with y’all, but this is what I was working with when we moved in. It has come so far in the past few months with a lot of cleaning, a little elbow grease, a creative mind and a lot of thrifting!

I can’t wait to share this little home journey with you. In the next couple of weeks I will be sharing my inspiration for each room, how I am going to achieve that look with a near-to-nothing budget and of course, the after photos!

Until next time,


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