2019 Home Decor Trends I Am Loving!

Can you believe we are already into the second quarter of 2019?! This year it seems to be going by so fast. Late last year I moved into a new home and have been scouring Pinterest for decor ideas and I have noticed certain trends popping up more and more on my Pinterest and Instagram. So today I have decided to share my favourite 2019 home decor trends.

1. Boho Chandeliers

This is one trend that I have been absolutely obsessed with lately. I first noticed this trend while reading the March edition of HGTV magazine. This gives a sort of softness to the once stark and sterile looking chandeliers. In the past Chandeliers have looked very formal and did not match very well with a more relaxed home.

2. Earth Tones

Earth tones are definitely very popular right now. White used to be the go-to colour for a light and airy room. Move over white, earth tones are in! Sage green has been my favourite earth toned colour lately.

3. Black Walls

Completely opposite of the light and airy earth tones are moody black walls. I have been loving black bedroom walls lately and am seriously considering it for my own bedroom!

4. Wallpaper

Moving away from paint colours, wallpaper seems to be making a huge come back! When I used to think about updating a home the first thing that would come to mind would be ripping down all of the wallpaper. Now I look for the creative opportunity to use wallpaper in a room.

5. Greenery

Bringing plants into the home has became an obsession, women are even referring to themselves as “plant mamas”. And of course I am so on board with bringing greenery into my home! It helps to liven the space, brings the outdoors in and helps with oxygen levels. More plants I say!

6. Masculine Decor

I have been loving a more masculine look to my home lately and apparently everyone else has as well! I have been seeing more browns and blues, exposed brick, (faux) leather, chrome and plaid patterns. FYI: masculine does not have to mean dark and dreary. Just look at how light and happy two of the photos shown below are.

7. Velvet

There is just something about velvet that screams luxury! Yet somehow when placed in a home it gives a very comfy look and feel to a piece of furniture. Mustard and blush pink velvet furniture have been my favourite lately.

8. Baskets

Baskets have become a huge decor staple in my own home. I recently put up a basket gallery wall and adore the way it looks! I have seen baskets used as plant pots, coffee table organizers and even laundry baskets as statement decor pieces.

9. Statement Tile

Before this year I have never really considered a statement tile, or any tile really other than the usual subway tile. I love how tile can completely transform a room!

10. Unique Walkways

This one is a pretty bold decor decision, yet I have been seeing it more and more! Using rocks, patters and wood to create a truly unique walkway really ups the curb appeal on any home!

Those are my top ten favourite home decor trends of 2019! Let me know if there are any trends you believe should have made this list!

Disclaimer: Every single one of these photos was found on Pinterest. I do not own these photos and would love to credit the designers/home owners, so feel free to let me know if you see anything familiar!

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